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2022 [UNESCO APCAD Annual Meeting] Khulan Batbold Full Paper

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Master Class series against Racism and Discriminations: Mongolian youths commit to combating racism and discriminations 

Khulan Batbold  Programme Specialist for Social and Human Sciences, Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO 

The Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO recently organized a local edition of UNESCO’s Master Class Series against Racism and Discrimination on 22-23 March 2022 in cooperation with UNESCO Headquarters. The local editions were hosted by member schools of the UNESCO ASPnet, the British School of Ulaanbaatar (BSU) and School No.24. 




Students were invited to develop their own commitments to what they will accomplish in their schools and communities as part of the master class. Students made commitments to not discriminate against anyone, change their mindset and attitude towards people who are different from them, including persons with disabilities, support women, teach their peers, siblings, and younger students what they have learned, and to spread the message of inclusion and tolerance in their communities. At the end of each master class, the students of the BSU and School No.24 were awarded with certificates