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2022 [Climate Crisis and Biodiversity] CHOI Jinwoo Full Paper

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Street Trees : Green Blood Vessel for Urban Biodiversity

CHOI Jinwoo  Representative of Friends of Street Trees 

In the era of climate crisis, street trees provide comfortable and cool forest to cities, reduce air pollutants such as fine dust, absorb carbon to make the air cleaner, and create beautiful path to walk. Street trees also contribute to the preservation of urban biodiversity by providing wildlife habitats to cities which lack green areas and connecting dispersed urban greeneries. An urban ecological network can be effectively established by linking forests outside a city with the city's remaining forests, parks, and rivers through roadside trees. In this way, street trees serve as a green blood vessel for the urban environment and citizen's well-being. 




Through more enhanced communication and functions of public-private governance on street trees and urban forests, public-private joint management system should be strengthened. Currently, it is very important for us to set the direction for future management of the 30~40-year-old trees around us. With limited and biased governance, we can never solve various problems and conflicts. A forum for public debate based on public-private governance should be organized and operated in a democratic manner so that key decisions are made on the basis of sufficient reference to the citizens' opinions. In order for trees to become our friends, colleagues, and family in the complex space of a city, citizens' help is essential. That is why civic activities should be expanded such as investigating and monitoring trees, creating online tree maps where people can communicate about urban forest with each other, and caring for street trees in daily life.