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2022 [Social Economy] CHOI Jaeyoung Full Paper

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A Social Economy Enterprise Viewed as Cases of Residential Environment Improvement Project for the Socially Vulnerable 

CHOI Jaeyoung  Secretary General, Gwangju Province Self-sufficiency Center 

Climate change (crisis), which is getting worse along with the aging population, economic crisis, income inequality, and the global COVID-19 pandemic, is worsening the quality of human life. Also, various natural disasters such as droughts, heat waves, floods, and cold waves caused by climate change are exacerbating difficulties for the socially vulnerable. In such an environment, I would like to explore, focusing on selfsupporting enterprises, the practical measures of social economy enterprises to overcome the instability of the residential environment of the socially vulnerable (the disabled, the elderly, recipients, single-parent families, grandparent-grandchildren families, etc.) and guarantee their minimum human life. 




A. Gwangju Metropolitan City Residential Welfare Center - Promoting integrated management of the control tower role such as promotion of low-income housing renovation support project, discovery and selection of target households, monitoring, follow-up management, selection of a construction company that meets the standards, and Database management B. Social economy enterprises (residential welfare self-supporting enterprises) - Role as a base institution for residential environment projects for the underprivileged (Four residential welfare enterprises in the jurisdiction are in operation.) - Establishment of partnership status (administrative-site) with Gwangju Metropolitan City Residential Welfare Center.