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2022 [Social Economy] KIM Gwanghun Discussion Paper

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Realizing ESG through Cooperation among Private Sector, Public Sector, Industry and Government 

KIM Gwanghun Director, ENERGYPARK  

“ESG Revolution is coming!” Large enterprises as well as small startups are focusing on ESG. As an abbreviation of Environment, Social, and Governance, ESG is the key to sustainable development. 




▢ Recommendations 

○ Climate crisis mitigation/adaptation ↔ alleviation of inequality ↔ transition to decarbonized economy ↔ job creation 

○ Transition to decarbonized economy: Put the top priority on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

○ Safe labor environment and just transition: Address inequality and emphasize inclusiveness. 

○ Public budget input and institutional improvement: Invest enough budget and take institutional reform into consideration. 

○ Transition regarding energy, buildings, mobility, circular economy, waste, farming, and biodiversity 

○ It is urgent for multiple parties to come together and develop/maintain a sustainable model.