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2022 [LGBTQI] SONG Jieun Discussion Paper

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Together with Young LGBTQI Activities : Agents of the Climate Justice Movement 

SONG Jieun  Counseling team Leader and Attorney, LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center DDing Dong 

LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center DDing Dong is the only private organization in Korea that provides counseling and support to LGBTQ young people. Since the establishment of the organization in 2014, it has provided counseling and supports for around three thousand cases of LGBTQ teens who visited the center with various complex issues concerning identity, hatred, violence, family conflict, school, and job. The center has run programs and provided supplies for transgender-queer, out-ofhome youth who are particularly vulnerable to a crisis, conducted research on the human rights of students and the right to adequate housing, and implemented human rights advocacy activities.




Climate crises constrained the mobility of youth more than other population groups. As a result, the LGBTQ youth who resided in non-metropolitan area felt a growing sense of isolation as they had less access to a queer community and supportive resources. This wreaked havoc on their mental health, making it difficult for them to envision a life that they want. Against this backdrop, this paper intends to emphasize the importance of municipalities’ roles in the face of climate crisis and recommends action to be taken to support LGBTQ youth to be true to themselves and lead their own life