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2022 [LGBTQI] YI Horim Full Paper

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The Era of Climate Crisis, LGBTI, Climate Justice, and the Role of the Human Rights Cities

YI Horim [Standing Activist, Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea 

The climate crisis has become one of the conditions of life from which everyone living in this world cannot escape. Except for a few climate crisis deniers, most people recognize that the climate crisis is a problem directly related to the survival of all life, including humans, who live on Earth. However, in that the impact of the climate crisis is distributed differently according to the geopolitical position of regions and countries and the socioeconomic status of individuals, it is relatively recent that the perception that the climate crisis is a problem of inequality, and that human rights and dignity are at stake have begun to be shared. 




In addition, it will be the responsibility of the human rights cities to ensure the life, health and safety of LGBT people in the era of climate crisis to check and improve whether the local government's climate crisis response policy takes into account the existence of LGBT citizens.