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2022 [Children and Youth] LEE Hangyeol Full Paper

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Youth Taking the Lead in Climate Actions

LEE Hangyeol [Representative of Gwangju Youth Climate Action “1.5°c”]

What kind of a new wave could be brought by <1.5°c>, a group of youth climate activists in Gwangju, invited to this forum? What matters most is the follow-up measures after the forum. I hope the discussion we prepared for today and our actions and stories could long live and contribute to realizing climate justice. I would like to begin our stories with the hope that we could be well connected to those who have gathered here today.




I could now recognize myself as something belong to and be linked to the global community. However, you are good student or bad student, the persons with or without disabilities, humane or inhumane, and student attending or not attending schools, and regardless of what gender you are oriented, the power that enables us to recognize various existences and ponder upon how to peacefully coexist with them will guide us to a way for getting better. Regardless of what is possible and not possible, with determination that we will continuously do what we can, we will live while acting not just passing a day.

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