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2022 [Disability] LEE Jinhee Full Paper

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Politics of resistance and solidarity fighting against climate crisis and institutionalized society


LEE Jinhee [Co-representative, Women with Disabilities Empathy]

1. Poverty driven by growth system of capitalism, climate crisis and institutionalized society

Persistence of growth’ in capitalism that has triggered climate crisis is connected to ‘persistence of institutionalized society’. With this sentence that somehow seems to be blunt in the beginning, I intend to accurately point out a structural issue that has caused disasters in ecosystem and society. In order not to mobilize persons with disabilities as a subject to displaying in a concept of green growth and care washing (a term used to refer to structural inequality in caring project) but to enable persons with disabilities to become an agent for resistance, we must blame the capitalism that maintains the institutionalized society. 




What if we could have discussions that could trigger challenges and bring changes in terms of the concept of labors and disabilities through mixed and promiscuous solidarity, not just combination of labor movement and movement for persons with disabilities in parallel? Could we have more power and group for us by newly determining ‘usefulness’, ‘ability’, ‘caring’, ‘damages’, and ‘production and reproduction in climate just movement for regime transition? We also have to aggressively connect the bodies of disability to the movement for climate justice.  We need to eradicate institutionalized society and redefine production and caring based on the practice to raise questions over climate crisis and capitalism not to just remain victims determined by the state. In so doing, we need to maintain the climate justice movement within the history of struggles of movement for the human rights for persons with disabilities and for women with disabilities. 

#Climate Crisis