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2022 [UNESCO APCAD Annual Meeting] JUNG Jiu Full Paper

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The Driving Force of a Sustainable and Inclusive World: Glocal Network

JEONG Jiu [Student, Gwangju National University of Education]

UNESCO Youth Bootcamp for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities 2022 presented me a precious philosophy that would last long as unforgettable memory and learning. Before participating in the camp, I pondered a lot on how to teach students on the importance of understanding and respecting difference from my and the attitude of ‘inclusiveness’ to make sure those concepts to be infiltrated in them.  The term ‘culture’ has been considered an element that could represent a certain society and a concept that enables us to understand on the world and others roughly and superficially in Korea, a nation that especially has love the expression ‘a nation of one ethnic group’.




Therefore, an inclusive society could be considered a more multi-dimensional society which is more active than just a coexisting society. If we just stop at understanding how dynamic the world is, then, we could only reach to a point where ‘schema’ on how we could understand different way of life of other nations is created.  Of course, even only with that, we could think it is a valuable and significant change. Furthermore, however, if we could transfer that change to others, then we could come to a point where we could build a more sophisticated and beautiful network. Therefore, we must make the glocal network more extensive and more sophisticated while creating a more inclusive society even going further from being just coexistence.  We must make a stride step by step towards a sustainable world with together one another with keeping in mind that how huge influence could be coming out of solidarity and cooperation.